• Facelift

    This patient was a 62 year old female who wanted to tighten the loose skin around her “jowls” and neck. Patient underwent facelift surgery with Dr. Goldberg and was thrilled with her cosmetic appearance following the procedure.

  • Mini Facelift

    This 49 year old female patient wanted to reduce signs of aging on her face. She underwent a mini-facelift to help address this issue, and was very happy with her final outcome.

  • Facelift and Eyelid Surgery

    This 56 year old patient who presented with concerns about her loose skin on her neck and upper eyelids. She underwent a neck lift and upper eyelid surgery to address these concerns and was very happy with her final results.

  • Secondary Facelift Procedure

    This 69 year old patient felt he had excess skin on the face and neck and that his cheeks appeared hollowed after a previous facelift surgery. He underwent a secondary facelift as well as some fat grafting to his cheeks and submandibular liposuction with Dr. Goldberg.

  • Facelift, Otoplasty and Chemical Peel

    This 58-year old patient wanted to correct “sagging skin” on her face and neck as well as “smokers lines” around her mouth. She also presented concerns about her right ear sticking out more than her left ear. After undergoing surgery for a full facelift, unilateral otoplasty and a perioral chemical peel she was very pleased with her final outcome.

  • Facelift and Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

    This patient was a 66 year old female who had concerns about her aging face and eyes. She underwent upper and lower eyelid surgery as well as a full facelift including neck lift and felt very happy with her final outcome from the procedures.