Biophora Skin Care

biophora torontoOur clinic is excited to offer the full range of Biophora skin care products!

Biophora is a line of ph balancing skin rejuvenation products all designed to work cooperatively to protect your skin’s natural vibrant appearance.

Biophora is comprised of the following skin care line products:

  • Biophora Cleansers

The Biophora cleansing products are designed to gently cleanse the skin without affecting the natural pH balance key to healthy looking skin

  • Biophora Conditioners

The conditioners loosen any debris trapped on the skin as well as any products such as makeup used on the skin

  • Biophora Exfoliators

Our Biophora exfoliators help eliminate dead skin and targets all skin types to restore and encourage ageless, youthful skin

  • Biophora Correctives

The corrective products help combat the effects of aging and sun exposure. These products are ideal for those looking for brighter, firmer skin

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  • Biophora Moisturizers

Biophora moisturizers contain antioxidant ingredients with skin nourishing botanicals and emollients that promote tissue binding to help the skin to appear more firm, plump, and healthy

  • Biophora Protectants

Use of the Biophora protectant Biophora Daily Protection SPF30 is an essential part of the Biophora system. The protectants will address skin aging environmental factors such as sun exposure, bacteria, and moisture loss

  • Biophora Eye Care

Biophora eye care is designed to ensure a more youthful, plump and rested appearance

Why do we love BIOPHORA™ skin care?

  • Biophora is Canadian
  • Biophora is affordable
  • Biophora pairs high potency medical grade and natural ingredients to improve all skin types
  • Biophora is fragrance and paraben free
  • Biophora is not tested on animals
  • Biophora is straightforward, easy to use and effective medically-supervised skin care
  • Biophora is packaged in no-nonsense, recyclable containers
  • Biophora gives our skin results we can see and feel

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