Neck Lift


Neck-LiftNeck Lift is a procedure to rejuvenate the area around the neck and restore a youthful contour. It can be done alone, or as part of a Facelift. The common problems in the neck are excess skin, and bands or “Turkey neck”. Excess skin must be removed in order to tighten, and this is done by incisions beside the lower part of the earlobe, behind the ear, and into the hair behind the ears. Often, another small incision needs to be made just under the chin to address skin excess and muscle problems close to the middle of the neck.


Bands of muscle can form on the sides of the neck, or near the middle. Along the sides, the bands of tissue are composed of muscle (the platysma) which must be divided. Near the middle, bands result from a separation of the left and right side of the neck muscle (the platysma), and this separation must be repaired with stitches to eliminate the bands, and to tighten the neck, thereby restoring the contour of the neck under the chin.

Overall, the procedure is very similar to a Facelift, but is a slightly less invasive procedure with shorter incisions. It is a good option for people who have isolated concerns about their neck region, but either don’t require or are hesitant to undergo Facelift.


Patients undergoing neck lift surgery should expect to notice improvements in the following areas:
– Sagging excess skin in the neck will be tightened and elevated.
– Obvious vertical bands (due to underlying muscles) will be softened.
– Chin/neck fullness will be decreased with an improved and more youthful neck contour.

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