Booking a Consultation


Anyone interested in booking a cosmetic surgical procedure with Dr. Goldberg must see him first for a consultation.  This 50 minute appointment is your opportunity to meet with Dr. Goldberg to discuss your objectives, ask any questions and have him make a recommendation that’s right for you. A physical assessment and evaluation is an important part of the process.

We do our best to accommodate interested parties who live outside the Toronto area.  Where possible we can schedule a Skype call prior to you having to come to West Toronto for a one on one meeting. This includes a Vectra 3D assessment where applicable.  This state of the art equipment takes a 3D image of you, and simulates possible outcomes to assist you in your decision making process.

Cosmetic Consultations are $200, and we require a credit card to reserve your time slot with Dr. Goldberg.  Please keep in mind that we do maintain a strict 48 hour cancellation policy.  We know nobody likes to cancel, but I’m sure you can appreciate Dr. Goldberg & associates time is limited.  Should you keep the appointment time you’ve committed to, your consultation is $200.  In the event that you cancel within 48 hrs or do not show up, you will be charged $200 to the credit card provided.

We also offer non-surgical or medical aesthetic services, such as an injectable, skin care assessment or laser treatment. These appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes.  These consults include a  2D Skin analysis with our Vectra technology which illustrates the deeper layers of your skin.

While most of our injectable treatments are done by an accredited professional Nurse/Injector, all injectable patients must be seen by Dr. Goldberg first prior to any treatment being done.

A quote will be provided after your consultation.  It will address all of the procedures recommended by Dr. Goldberg to address the areas you discussed together.  This quote is valid for one year.

Booking Surgery

Booking a procedure or operation requires a 25% deposit in order to reserve your OR date.  The balance is due 3 weeks before the procedure.

A 40 minute pre-op appointment is scheduled with our Nurse 3 weeks prior to surgery.  Completion of the Surgical Package documents (including consent forms, blood requisition, History & Physical, Personal Health Assessment and any other required tests) must be done prior to this appointment.  The Nurse will need to review these documents to confirm you are fit for surgery and to prescribe the appropriate pain medication.  This is also the ideal time to ask any further questions you may have, confirm all the final details for your surgery and review instructions both pre and post surgery.

Dr. Goldberg is adamant about adherence to post surgery follow up appointments.  The purpose of these appointments is to follow your progress, ensure you’re healing well and confirm you are both happy with the results.  Standard post op appointments are scheduled for 2 days, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year.


Please give 48 hours notice for cancellation of a consultation or follow-up.

Please give 72 hours notice for cancellation of a procedure under local anesthetic and 4 weeks for operations under general anesthetic.

There will be a $250 admin fee for office procedures cancelled within 72 hours

Missing an appointment or failure to give adequate notice will result in charges to the patient for the service.

If an operation is booked at the private surgical facility and cancelled more than 4 weeks prior to surgery, a $250 administration fee will be held.  The balance of the deposit will be refunded.  If it is cancelled within 4 weeks of surgery, you will forfeit the deposit.  If it is cancelled less than 3 weeks prior to surgery you will forfeit the full amount.

Any surgeries cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to surgery due to a medical reason, and supported by a doctors note, will be fully refunded less the $250 administration fee.


We accept all forms of payment, including email transfer, bank transfer, cash, certified cheque, VISA, Mastercard, with the exception of personal cheques.

If payment is given over the phone via credit card, we will require the name on the card, the type of card, the number, expiry date and the 3 or 4 digit security code for processing.

We accept financing for procedures through Medicard.