Cosmetic Surgery Financing Options

Financing Made Easy with Beautifi

We have partnered with Beautifi to bring you industry leading interest rates and affordable monthly
payment options. Get the procedure you want, today.
Beautifi is a specialized provider of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure financing solutions. Beautifi
offers affordable and flexible loans up to $25,000+, with low monthly payments that are structured to
work with your budget. There is no money down required, no prepayment penalties and the process is
100% online.
Get approved in minutes by clicking the link below or calling 1-800-969-7034. Applying is secure and will
not impact your credit score.
• Quick Approval
• Flexible Payment Terms
• No Money Down Required
• No Pre-Payment Penalties
• No impact to your credit score
• Rates starting at 9.95%
• Terms from 6 months to 6 years
3 Simple Steps
1. Submit an application online at
2. Receive a call to confirm your loan details
3. Get ready for your procedure, Beautifi pays us directly