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GliSODin Skin Nutrients is recognized worldwide as a leading nutricosmetic that reliably delivers clinically-proven results

What are GliSODin® Skin Nutrients?

GliSODin Skin Nutrients are nutritional supplements that support skin vitality and optimal health, complementing your medical treatments, surgical procedures, or daily skincare routine.

Developed by leading dermatologists and nutritionists, GliSODin products contain antioxidants and bioactive nutraceuticals to help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin without surgery.

GliSODins active ingredient, superoxide dismutase (SOD), is also known as the “Enzyme of Life” because of its essential role in boosting our immunity, supporting our natural defense system, and slowing the aging process.

The GliSODin laboratory in Paris, France, extracts SOD from non-genetically modified melon extract and then combines it with a natural wheat protein to ensure its passage to the small intestine, where it can be absorbed and used by the body.

Dr. Goldberg offers GliSODin Skin Nutrients to all his Toronto patients as a non surgical option to skin care.

What Should I Know About GliSODin® Skin Nutrients?

GliSODin has a full line of products for use on all skin types, each with its own unique purpose and formula: anti ageing, skin brightening, detoxifying, and slimming. Other products are specially designed for use before and after procedures to decrease swelling, increase energy levels, detoxify, and generally aid in healing. Dr. Goldberg advises his patients on which products are best for their skin type.

Results are gradual, depending on which products you are using. Most effects appear after 3 to 6 weeks, although some report feeling benefits after just 3 days. This has become a major staple in our anti ageing regimen for patients.

GliSODin® products are safe for most people, but you should consult Dr. Goldberg if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications, or have a chronic illness. He will help you decide whether GliSODin products are right for you.


A nutricosmetic treatment to prevent and correct the signs of aging

When it comes to keeping wrinkles at bay and maintaining firmer, more youthful skin, most of us do not question the benefits of topical skincare or undergoing cosmetic treatments. In recent years, however, the role that lifestyle and nutrition play in our rejuvenation efforts have sparked an inside-out approach to age prevention. While we increasingly aim to sustain a healthy and balanced diet, it is nevertheless challenging to ensure that our daily caloric intake is comprised of the exacting therapeutic dose of nutrients required for optimal skin health.

The Advanced Dermal Formula fortifies and enhances a topical skincare regimen and a healthy diet. Not unlike a serum providing concentrated antioxidant benefits to topically protect and rejuvenate the skin, this nutricosmetic is formulated to provide essential nutrients that strengthen and protect the skin from within. Put simply, the body’s capacity to combat oxidative stress is boosted and the aging process is delayed.


A nutricosmetic to enhance and improve skin tone clarity

The Advanced Skin Brightening Formula contains ingredients that reduces oxidative stress and inhibits the enzymatic process that leads to brown spots. In addition to these exceptional skin health benefits, the formula assists in the regulation of sebum production (the skin’s natural moisturizer), which in turn helps to minimize blemishes. With daily use of this nutricosmetic, a brighter, clearer, and firmer complexion can be realized.


Providing exceptional protection against free radical damage

We are taught from an early age to take our vitamins, but we do not always fully appreciate the role they play in maintaining our health at the cellular level. For instance, vitamin C is often recommended for its antioxidant benefits, which help to prevent the negative effects of oxidative stress. When our natural antioxidant defenses are overwhelmed – via cellular respiration, pollution, and/or lifestyle factors – oxidation occurs. This results in a chemical reaction that produces free radicals, which can cause cellular damage. Long-term oxidative stress can contribute to the development of inflammatory or degenerative processes, including:

joint pain
collagen breakdown
deterioration of cardiovascular health
The limitation posed by secondary antioxidants (such as vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea, berries, and resveratrol) is that a single molecule of any of these substances is only capable of neutralizing a single free radical. The GliSODin® nutricosmetic addresses these shortcomings by neutralizing free radicals at a ratio of one to one million.

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