If you would like to have longer, thicker, darker lashes, a consultation with experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Cory Goldberg will help you decide whether the eyelash enhancer Latisse™ could help you achieve your goal. Dr. Goldberg prescribes Latisse helping patients feel better about how they look.

Latisse is a prescription medicine applied along the upper eyelash line once daily for 16 weeks. During this time, you should see a gradual, consistent increase in the length, number, and thickness of your eyelashes. Following the initial application period, Dr. Goldberg will help you create a schedule to maintain your new lashes. If discontinued, lashes return to their original appearance.

Latisse is safe and effective, but minor side effects have been reported in some patients. The most common include irritation, itching, and redness. Some have reported a slight darkening of the eyelid skin near the application site. These side effects disappear once the medication is discontinued.