Non surgical anti aging skin care and silk peels

Regular professional, non surgical skin care treatments and procedures  play an essential role in your skin’s health and vitality. Our Toronto based Medical Aestheticians customize each treatment to meet your individual needs. Each treatment begins with a personal consultation and thorough skin analysis to ensure maximum results. Your unique experience concludes with a problem-solving prescription and homecare advice.


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Hydrated and radiant skin are hallmarks of youth, and you can achieve that same look regardless of your age and skin condition. As we age, our ability to slough off dead skin cells slows down and we lose that youthful glow. SilkPeel® is the most dynamic skin treatment available today. The SilkPeel® ( provides a non surgical, non-invasive exfoliation (sloughing off of dead skin cells) while it simultaneously infuses the skin with a treatment formulation specific to your skins needs. You may wish to treat your skin for one of the following specific targeted treatments: Acne, Dry Skin, Hyperpigmentation (uneven skin tone), and or for the purposes of Detoxification.

The SilkPeel® delivery of skin-specific solutions leaves you with a fresher-feeling and better-looking skin. SilkPeel® is safe and painless, allowing you to achieve the finest results instantly, and does not involve any down time. In addition, SilkPeel is unique because it does not use crystals or other abrasive particles that can irritate the skin.

SilkPeel® is a wonderful way to start with a fresh, clean canvas, allowing you to start a new and regenerating skin care regime.

Spa Facial

A relaxing and invigorating personalized skin care treatment with thorough cleansing and exfoliation, it’s a great way to exfoliate and deeply hydrate. Our spa facial infuses the skin with 24 nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants and follows with an invigorating finishing mask suited to your skin type gives your skin instant energy and radiance. Relax further with a facial massage in addition to our hot towel treatment.

Lunchtime Peel

A glycolic acid peel ” lunchtime peel” is a simple controlled process used to remove the outermost layer of the skin. We use a product with a glycolic acid concentration ranging from 20% to 70%. A trained specialist will apply glycolic acid to clean skin for about two to five minutes. Once the acid is neutralized, an emollient is applied.

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